New Release – Version (11/4/2020) “The Misty Badlands” edition

Hey Everyone

The long awaited time is finally upon us! I am thrilled to share a new release 

Version (11/4/2020) “The Misty Badlands” edition

This is a major update.  I’m really proud of this update and I think you are going to love it. This is a patron heavily focused release for all of you that support the site.  A big thank you goes out to each and everyone of you.

With that being said – Patron integrations are HERE!  That’s right your Patron status is now being updated to and you get the benefits.

Patron supporters now get 3 options to create/export PDF’s.

Original 5e Character sheet can be previewed here

Original optional variant 5e Character sheet an be previewed here

Icewind Dale Character sheet can be previewed here

These are now available under Export for all Patron supporters.  Non-Patron supporters will continue to have access to just the Original 5e Character Sheet

Make sure you log off and back in to see the changes.

Become a Patron today

(make sure you use the same email address in Patreon that you used in DMV for your account to be linked)


Other Enhancements:

  • #436 Implement roll buttons to be more compact
  • #450 Adds new character sheet – Alternate version
  • #456 Added EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS environment variable.
  • #432 Upgrade FontAwesome
  • #425 Linting

Bug Fixes:

  • #471 Wall of Stone formatting issue
  • #468 Antimagic Field Formatting Error
  • #464 Fixes Average Hit Points calculating incorrectly #462
  • #461 Fix for Monster HD
  • #458 Fix Imprisonment Spell Format issue.
  • #408 Add :name (s)
  • #412 235 fix natural unarmored ac stack
  • #420 Fix page overflow due to roll tooltips in character page
  • #422 Fix page height issues on mobile
  • #418 Implement #414 and fix col-span visual bug
  • #417 Fix account menu not working correctly on some mobile browsers
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