Cookies on Dungeon Master's Vault

Our privacy policy describes how we collect and use information, and what choices you have. One way we collect information is through the use of a technology called "cookies." We use cookies for all kinds of things on Dungeon Master's Vault.

What's a cookie?

When you go online, you use a program called a "browser" (like Apple's Safari or Google's Chrome). Most websites store a small amount of text in the browser and that text is called a "cookie."

How we use cookies

We use cookies for lots of essential things on Dungeon Master's Vault like helping you log in and tailoring your Dungeon Master's Vault experience. Here are some specifics on how we use cookies.

What we use cookies for

Cookies help us remember which content, boards, people or websites you've interacted with so we can show you related content you might like.

We also use cookies to help advertisers show you interesting ads.


We use cookies to remember your settings and preferences, like the language you prefer and your privacy settings.


Cookies let you log in and out of Dungeon Master's Vault.


Cookies are just one way we protect you from security risks. For example, we use them to detect when someone might be trying to hack your Dungeon Master's Vault account or spam the Dungeon Master's Vault community.


We use cookies to make Dungeon Master's Vault better. For example, these cookies tell us how many people use a certain feature and how popular it is, or whether people open an email we send.

We also use cookies to help advertisers understand who sees and interacts with their ads, and who visits their website or purchases their products.

Service providers

Sometimes we hire security vendors or use third-party analytics providers to help us understand how people are using Dungeon Master's Vault. Just like we do, these providers may use cookies. Learn more about the third party providers we use.

Where we use cookies

We use cookies on Dungeon Master's Vault, in our mobile applications, and in our products and services (like ads, emails and applications). We also use them on the websites of partners who use Dungeon Master's Vault's Save button, Dungeon Master's Vault widgets, or ad tools like conversion tracking.

Your options

Your browser probably gives you cookie choices. For example, most browsers let you block "third party cookies," which are cookies from sites other than the one you're visiting. Those options vary from browser to browser, so check your browser settings for more info.

Some browsers also have a privacy setting called "Do Not Track," which we support. This setting is another way for you to decide whether we use info from our partners and other services to customize Dungeon Master's Vault for you.

Effective Nov 4th, 2020