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Meet Adanell Runningbough!

Personal Data

  • charisma: 11 average
  • constitution: 20 robust
  • dexterity: 15 agile
  • experience: 16 adept
  • intelligence: 19 brilliant
  • skill: 18 skilled
  • strength: 10 average
  • wisdom: 19 wise
D&D 5e
Rolled 4d6 (4-24 method)


Adanell Runningbough is a contrarian halfling who is a skilled weaver by trade. He is currently cleaning out a wealthy person.


Adanell Runningbough is a short halfling with a light complexion. Adanell appears thin and has haunted eyes. Adanell's most valued posession is a small flute, which is kept safe at all times.