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Meet Micksie Carville!

Personal Data

  • charisma: 15 inspiring
  • constitution: 9 average
  • dexterity: 15 agile
  • experience: 13 accomplished
  • intelligence: 22 brilliant
  • skill: 12 mediocrely skilled
  • strength: 17 strong
  • wisdom: 19 wise
D&D 5e
Rolled 4d6 (4-24 method)


Micksie Carville is a boastful half-orc who is a mediocrely skilled barber by trade. She is currently traveling the world as a beggar.


Micksie Carville is an average height half-orc with a light complexion. Micksie appears chubby and has piggish eyes. Micksie's most valued possession is a locket, which was found in a tavern months ago.