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You find the following near by:
  • Scant guano banks that are hunted by townspeople. Gubal Rockfang said rumors tell of piles of monkey wrenches in a dungeon.
  • Dangerous parrot companies that are feared by witches. Somoeone said someone found a chest containing small lyres in a dungeon.
  • Abundant spider clusters that are visited frequently by unicorns.
  • Substantial dangerous dragon wiers that are hunted by locals. One might dig up bags of silver in a dungeon.
  • Magical fruit fields that are frequented by witches.
  • A creepy gazebo inhabited by tame peacocks that are hunted by wenches. One might find piles of iron maidens in a tomb nearby.
  • Ancient palm oil harvests that are frequented by kittens. The locals speak of piles of diamonds in a dungeon.
  • Scorpion beds that are frequented by locals.
  • Creepy rubber plantations that are hunted by gru. Illhiatars Ousseamist said somoeone said someone found piles of kitten mittens in a well.
  • Primal coffee patches that are visited frequently by locals. Motin Braling said one might dig up a chest containing diamonds in a nearby pit.