One of the great things about Dungeon Master’s Vault is the ease with which you can build homebrew content. The following guide will endeavor to breakdown the process of building a homebrew class. For example purposes I will be building the Warden class by u/layhnet, version 2.1 from here.

Start with My Content

To begin, hover over the ‘MY CONTENT’ tab in the upper right corner and select ‘RACE BUILDER’. Note: If there is any content already appearing when the ‘RACE BUILDER’ page loads select the ‘NEW CLASS’ button.


Enter the name of your class here.

Ex. Warden

Option Source Name

The source you’re building from. Note that this is the name your work will be saved under so if you want it to save under an existing book, like the Player’s Handbook, be sure to enter it the exact same way it’s listed in the ‘CONTENT LIST’ within the ‘MY CONTENT’ tab.

Ex. The Warden was made by Reddit used u/layhnet so it's entered as 'u/layhnet Homebrew'.

Hit Die

Enter the hit die size that the class bases their HP off of.

Ex. The Warden selects 10 because it uses a 1d10 for it's hit die.

Pick Subclass at Level

This is how you determine which level your class branches into its subclasses. This will vary by class. For example, Clerics choose their domain at level one whereas Druid’s choose their Circle at level three.

Ex. The Warden chooses their Combat Discipline at level 1.

Subclass Title

This is the category name that all your subclasses fall under. Subclasses need to be built in the subclass builder after the Class has been completed.

Ex. The Warden subclass title is Combat Discipline.

Saving Throws

Select any Saving Throws your class is proficient with.

Ex. The Warden is proficient with Wisdom and Strength saving throws so we'll check them off.

Ability Increase Levels

This determines when you get ability score increases or feats for achieving enough levels in your class. The standard is every four levels with the final increase at level 19 but you can choose otherwise.

Ex. The Warden uses the standard method so we'll make sure the boxes for 4, 8, 12, 16, and 19 are checked.


This determines whether your character has the ability to cast spells. If your class is like a Barbarian leave this as ‘No’. If your class has the ability to cast spells change this to ‘Yes’. This will pop up some additional boxes to fill out. If the class chooses it’s spells from another class’ spell list choose that class from the second drop down. If they have their own spell list leave this as ‘Custom’. Spellcasting ability determines which modifier the class adds to their spells. Select the base stat (usually the class’ primary stat) that your class uses. In the final checkbox select the level that your class first gets access to spells.

Ex. The Warden does have the ability to cast spells so we'll select 'Yes' in the first box. The Warden uses it's own custom spell list so we'll select 'Custom' in the second box. The Warden uses Wisdom for it's spellcasting ability so we'll select 'Wisdom' in the third box. Finally, the Warden begins casting spells at level two so we'll select '2' in the fourth checkbox.


If you selected ‘Yes’ in the Spellcasting box this new box will appear. If your class can cast Cantrips like a Druid or Sorcerer select ‘Yes’. If they can’t, like a Ranger, select ‘No’. If you select ‘Yes’ a new box will appear for you to select the number of cantrips your class can learn at first level. Below that will be another box for you to select levels that your class learns additional cantrips. Below this box will be a list of cantrips that your class can choose from; select all the cantrips that the class can select from. Repeat for all other spell levels.

**Ex.** The Warden does not have the ability to cast cantrips at level one but gains the ability to do so at level three when choosing a Prime Element so we'll select 'Yes' but leave the number of cantrips known at first level as '0'. We'll select '3' from the next drop down labelled 'At what other levels does this class gain cantrips?'. We'll then check off the spells that the Warden has access to, including all 15 cantrips listed in the Prime Element section.

**Note: **Prime Element will be need to be built separately with the Selection Builder. We had to select all 15 cantrips because there is currently no way to link cantrips to selections. When building a character a user will need to enable Homebrew options on the spell selection page and select the three cantrips linked to their Prime Element.

Skill Proficiency Choice 

This is where you create the list of skills that the class can choose from at level one. Select the number of skills to choose from and then check of which skills are available as options. If your class does not get to choose any skill proficiencies leave all the checkboxes empty.

Ex. The Warden gets to choose two skills at level one so we'll select '2' from the dropdown. We'll then check off Animal Handling, Arcana, Athletics, Intimidation, Investigation, Nature, and Survival.

Skill Expertise (Double Proficiency) Choice

Some classes have the option to double their proficiency bonus for some skills (Expertise). If your class has this option select the number of abilities from the dropdown and check all abilities they can choose to apply Expertise to. If your class does not get to choose any skill proficiencies to apply Expertise to leave all the checkboxes empty.

Ex. The Warden does not get to apply Expertise to any abilities so we'll leave this area alone.


This is where you can apply any additional modifiers that your class has access to. Select the type of modifier from the drop down and then fill out the new boxes.

Ex. The Warden is proficient with light and medium armor and shields so we'll create an Armor Proficiency modifier for each. They are also proficient with all simple weapons so we'll create a Weapon Proficiency modifier and select 'All simple'. Warden's also gain a second attack at level 5 so we'll select the 'Number of Attacks' modifier and set it to 5th level and 2 attacks.


Selections are used when you need to choose between multiple abilities upon gaining a new level. They are built using the ‘Selection Builder’ and can then be chosen for use by your class here. Selections can be built before or after building a Class but cannot be added to the Class until after they’ve been built.

Ex. The Warden chooses a Prime Element at level three. The five Prime Elements will need to be built as selections and be set to unlock here. The seventh level upgrade for each Prime Element, Prime Elemental Shield, can be built into these selections or be created as their own selections.


Features/Traits is for abilities that unlock upon reaching a certain level that don’t require a choice like Selections do. Select the ‘ADD FEATURE/TRAIT’ button to add a new line and enter each feature/trait separately. Be sure to select the level they unlock from the dropdown.

Ex. The Warden will need to add a new Feature/Trait line for each of the following: Natural Awareness, Natural Power, Source Magic, Prime Element, Glamour, Nature Sense, Primeval Magic, Channel Power, Master of Elements. Master of Elements adds a new spell for each of the Prime Elements. Each spell will need to be built as a Selection.

Once all your Features/Trait have been added you’ll need to make your selections in the ‘Selection Builder’ (if you didn’t already) and link them to your class. Lastly, use the ‘Subclass Builder’ to build any subclasses needed for your class to be complete. Then build a character and test your class out!

original from DivertedCircle

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