How do I import files and create a character?

The website includes all content available through the WotC System Reference Document (SRD), allowing you to get started with character creation right away. Any other content you want to add can be created using the various homebrew builders.

You are welcome to export and share .orcbrew files of any content that is exclusively your own creation.

Exporting/Importing such files is done at under My Content.

Content that violates WotC copyright, or any other copyright, is not allowed to be distributed.

What is an .orcbrew?

An .orcbrew, commonly called a content file, is the file type used for importing content into the website. It’s EDN data and responds to the hardcoded stuff on the website. You can open and modify them using a text editor like NotePad++. There is a language styler available for Notepad++ here. There is a partial walkthrough available at How-To:-Homebrew-Class-Creation.

Can I host my own server / local version of the site?

Sure can. There are two versions of the Server.  Unix and Windows.

For the Unix version refer to the README to learn how to host your own version of the code.

Windows based installer is exclusive to Patreon supporters.  It can be downloaded through a link on the Patreon Site.

Why do my files keep disappearing from My Content?

Chances are your browser storage is full so it’s deleting them to make room. Clear your browser cache and see if the problem persists. If the problem doesn’t go away it probably means you have a corrupted file and may need to recreate the content.

More details of how local browser storage works can be found here.

Why does my content say it’s an invalid orcbrew file when I upload it?

The website is finicky when exporting content, sometimes adding nil values to the file, making it unreadable on next upload. Always test your exported content in an incognito window to be sure it imports again.

Restore from a backup and try again.

How do I export custom items?

Unfortunately you can’t. Items are saved to your account, not to .orcbrew files.

How do let someone edit my character?

Unfortunately you can’t. You can only edit the characters that were created under your account.

You can share your character by sending them the PDF or the www link so they can view the character.  (They still can’t edit the character)

Other Known Issues

  • Deleting a shield from a characters inventory without unequipping it first does not remove the AC bonus. To fix this, add a shield to your inventory again, unequip it, then remove it from your inventory.
  • Newly made custom items do not appear as options on character sheets until the page has been reloaded.
  • Custom items always show up in the ‘Magic Items’ lists even if they’re mundane items.
  • Custom items do not display properly on the PDF.
  • Custom classes that use Prepared spellcasting are not reflected properly. Use the ‘Spells’ tab to choose a number of spells known that reflect what you have prepared for the day.
  • If the ‘Features & Traits’ page of the PDF gets full it simply cuts off rather than creating a new page.
  • In the Class and Subclass builders, if you add Expertise to a skill, then later remove it, the Expertise is not properly removed and will still display in the character builder. You can fix this by editing the orcbrew file in a text editor, like Notepad.
  • Selections must be built in reverse order to what you would expect. Highest level unlocks must be at the top of the list, lowest level unlocks at the bottom.
  • Selections don’t nest when using the Class Builder, but do when using the Subclass builder.
  • Fighting styles cannot be created via orcbrew without rebuilding the whole class.
  • There is no way for a character to as an ability score other than STR or DEX as their weapon attack stat.
  • The Warlocks ‘Mystic Arcanum’ feature does not display homebrew spells.