We clean invalid urls

Images used in the Image url and Faction Image url must be in a url format and match the regular expression (https?://.*.(?:png|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|svg)) and be smaller than 128k.

Any that don’t match – are removed on a regular bases.

Good Url formats:


Bad Url formats:


Can you host my image for me?

We don’t host any images – but you can use just about any website that allows image hosting.

You just need to make sure the image url ends in png jpg jpeg gif png or svg and is smaller than 128k.

Right click on the image and use the copy image address.

Then you an paste it into the Image URL or Faction URL.

I can display the image in my browser but in the PDF it doesn’t work.

There is a good chance that the image was saved/uploaded as the wrong extension type.

We get errors like this all the time were the image has a jpg extension and is really a png:


:message “Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x89 0x50”

Resave the image using an image editor and re-upload it.

I get the Image not processed

This is self explanatory – the image is too big, you will need to resize the image and try again.

See anything missing? Broken Link?