DungeonMastersVault.com itself does not offer support or distribute orcbrew files.

Support and ownership of these files are directly on the author’s of those files in the community. Help on how to build these files or the files themselves can be found in the community or where you obtained them from.

Announcements for releases and site status will be posted via:

twitter @thDMV
and of course our blog

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There is also a non sponsored community Reddit group which is run by the community and not DMV itself.

  1. What is an .orcbrew?
    An .orcbrew is the file notation used for importing and reading content on the website. The website is really just and editor, and the orcbrew file is the content.You can easily open them and modify them using a text-editor (NotePad++ works great, for which you’ll find a language styler made by Marloso2) and create your own.
    Download the language styler here
  2. I found a bug/I want to add features to the site.
    You can submit a bug/feature request for the functionality of the site on the Github.com

    Github is NOT the location for bugs with an orcbrew files or support with orcbrew files, please contact the author of the file.
  3. Can I host my own local version of the site?
    Sure can. Refer to Github.com to learn how to host your own version of the code. It’s based upon the Clojure programming language. We also offer a Windows based installer for Patreon supporters.
  4. Why do my files keep disappearing from My Content?
    Chances are your browser storage is full so it’s deleting them to make room. Clear your browser cache and see if the problem persists. If the problem doesn’t go away, ask for help in the community as it probably means you have a corrupted file.
  5. Why does my content say it’s an invalid orcbrew file when I upload it?
    The website is finicky when exporting content, sometimes adding nil values to the file, making it unreadable on next upload. Always test your exported content in an incognito window to be sure it imports again. If you have a file giving this error you can ask for help in the community.
  6. How do I export custom items?
    Unfortunately you can’t. Items are saved to your browser storage, not to orcbrews.