Version (12/1/2020) “The Ice Crystal Forests” edition

This is a new build of the to address bug fixes or new features. This is an update to the website as well as the windows version.

As always CNTRL+F5 to force a reload of the editor in your browser.


  • #459 Partial implementation of #395 Add Background and Alignment to Edit screen

Bug Fixes:

  • #485 Add versatile roll button
  • #484 Remove Thunder Cannon non SRD
  • #483 Fix for weapons buttons not displaying correctly.
  • #481 Remove entry for longsword-finesse causing search issues and duplicates
  • #480 Variant character sheet – The font sizes – Removed duplicate fields and increase field size + align lefts

Patrons can download the windows version and host your own via the download link in Patreon

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